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April 13th, 2024 
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The following is a sampling of our most recent launches.

BMSG logo
Point Systems utilized its WebCarbon system as the backbone for the new Berkeley Media Studies Group website. The site is well organized, easy to navigate and perfectly suited for WebCarbon, Point System's web-based content management system.

Thanks to the site's flexible architecture, Berkeley Media Studies Group is able to update in real-time virtually every aspect of their online content, including published documents, site content and resource links.

For more information on WebCarbon, please review our products section.

[ visit bmsg.org ] Graphic Design by Linda Lawler

Pfizer logo
Point Systems designed weightrisks.com, an interactive website for Pfizer. The goal of the site is to educate users on the health risks associated with weight gain. Visitors to the site can assess the implications of their current weight, create a virtual model which be viewed at various stages of weight gain or weight loss, and learn more about the causes of weight gain.

The site was created entirely in Flash with PHP scripting for the interactive section. Point Systems also provided an admin section for Pfizer to maintain the algorithms used for calculating the weighted health risk scores for the four main health risks.

Point Systems also developed the "W" logo to reflect the increase in health risks due to weight gain.
[ visit weightrisks.com ]

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