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Point Systems realizes web sites need to communicate to varied audiences, from savvy investors to potential employees to the general public, each with their own distinct communication needs. We facilitate and enhance this communication between our clients and these audiences by developing engaging, high quality, affordable, and easy-to-navigate web sites which allow for easy access to the information being sought.

This is accomplished by developing close relationships with our clients, assessing their goals and requirements while at the same time providing guidance and honest feedback throughout the web development process. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive in maintaining our client's sites, often making needed updates in a manner of minutes.

Our web development process consists of six phases:

This first phase allows us to immmerse ourselves in the client's business, obtaining as much information as possible such as:

  • The nature of the business
  • The purpose or goals of the web site
  • Determining the target audience
  • The amount and type of content
  • Administrative needs for the site

Armed with this knowledge, we then schedule a collaborative brainstorming session to come up with an overall strategy for the site, taking into account the target audience and priorities for the site.

By the end of the strategy phase, we will have defined goals for the site and an outline of the information to be presented. It is at this point where, along with our clients, we develop a time line and set of tasks to be completed including the launch date.

Working with the client, we then develop a "look and feel" for the site taking into consideration any existing style requirements (such as colors, images, font types, etc.) In addition to graphic design, we also select the appropriate technology to enhance the usability of the site. We can design databases, customize applications as well as implement security systems.

Prototypes of the site are then posted to a secure area for review after which a meeting is scheduled with the client to further refine the design.

After a design is agreed upon by the client, it is then time to build the site. The design is converted from photoshop/Illustrator images into html and web graphics. This is also when the client's content is added to the site. At the same time, our programmers are busy scripting the architecture for the site.

Launch Web Site
Once all the content has been added and all the programming and graphics are in place, a beta site is set up for testing. After fine tuning the site, spelling and functionality are proofed. Once everything is working and approved, the site is then moved to the client's internet service provider and "goes live".

Point Systems will help you keep your site fresh with any timely changes in content you may need. We can also script administrative interfaces which are password protected so that you may maintain any updates yourself, cutting down on the time it takes to update your site.

Point Systems also provides the following design services:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card and Letterhead design
  • Flash Presentations

Please contact us at info@pointsystems.com for samples and quotes.

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