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Point Purchasing™ is an intranet based purchasing software system designed to simplify the process of corporate buying.

Visit the Point Purchasing website for more information, http://www.pointpurchasing.com.

    New in v4.3
  • Expense Reporting
  • Asset Tracking & Barcode Integration
  • PDF Custom Reports
  • EZ Integrator module to allow for XML based integrations in any language

  • v4.2 Included
  • Supplier Website Punchout.
  • Integrated Ordering via cXML.
  • Integrated Confirmations via cXML.
  • End-User Initiated Returns Process.

  • Efficiently Manage Purchase Orders.
  • Handle Multi-Level Authorizations Online.
  • Integrate With Accounting Software.
  • Accurate & Quick GL Line Item Coding.
  • Ability to Send Orders Directly to Vendors.
  • Receive Automatic Email Notifications At All Key Steps.
  • Run Department, Project, and Vendor Reports.
  • Create & Track Blanket Orders
  • Track Inventory and Returns (Asset Tagging).
  • Maintain internal vendor catalogs or stockrooms.

Visit the Point Purchasing website for more information, http://www.pointpurchasing.com.

In Detail
Point Purchasing's order and administration process can be outlined by the following four sections (click the thumbnail screenshots to view the full images):

This section is typically restricted to a company's controller/accounting person and IT department. From here, administrators can maintain the user, department, project, and other lists. Items can be assigned specific GL codes that can be used for accounting software integration.

Restrict users to specific departments and assign projects and line item types/accounts to departments. The authorization scheme is also maintained here through the assignment of a user's spending limit and job position.

This section is for the end-users of the system and where the order process begins. Users have the option of submitting requisitions, searching their history, authorizing requisitions, and managing their own accounts.

Users stay informed throughout the entire ordering process via email notifications at key stages (authorization, ordering, and receiving). Alternatively, users may check on their requisition's status at any time from the history section.

Point Purchasing will automatically direct the user for appropriate authorization if a requisition is over the user's spending limit.

Purchasing Agent
Place orders from the current requisition screen. Purchasing agents only see requisitions that are approved and ready for ordering. Combine requisitions, change pricing, accounting, and shipping information.Send orders via email directly to vendors. Keep on top of the systems's pending authorizations and change the authorizer of a requisition if needed.

Build your own database of vendor pricing and allow users to order from these approved catalogs. Run powerful reports per vendor, department, project. Quickly determine past pricing history of an item. Send vendors orders via email.

Support for multiple purchasing agents, multiple tax rates, and line item discounts.

Receiving Agent
When an order arrives, a receiving agent completes the ordering process by entering the received date and quantity received. An email is generated to the requisitioner stating the parts of the order that have arrived.

If an item needs to be returned to the vendor, the receiving agent can enter the return information and log the status of the return. Emails are sent to the requisitioner and a specified accounting person to note the change.

Line item accounts that require asset tags are entered here. Incomplete orders can be easily tracked and status logged.


  • Supports Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/XP, MacOSX, Linux(i386/glibc 2.1 & libc5), Solaris/sparc 2.6 or later, FreeBSD 3.4 or later & More
  • Webserver running Apache or IIS
  • 1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
  • ODBC Accessible Data Source (tested on MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • DHTML capable browsers (Mozilla, IE 5, NN 4)

Order Now
Call 1-866-POINTQA (866-764-6872) or send an email to sales@pointsystems.com for ordering information or to schedule a time for an interactive demo.

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