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With RMTS™, your research company can effectively keep track of its radioactive materials usage. RMTS can be a stand-alone product or can seamlessly be tied into Point Purchasing™.

Quickly enter experiment data on a single web page. Unlimited waste streams can be added and are specified as solid, liquid, and shipped. Other researcher's data on the specific vial can easily be viewed. If the vial has newly been added, add the wipe test information and calibration date.

Radiation Safety Officers (RSO)
Have all your company's radioactive usage data at your fingertips. Get reports on specific isotopes, vials, experiments, and waste containers. View amount received, amount on-site, and amount remaining. Track waste collection and type broken down into liquid, solid, and shipped amounts. If integrated with Point Purchasing, determine applicable accounts and receiving method.


  • Webserver (IIS, Apache, Others) on Windows, MacOS, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, or Solaris
  • 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • DHTML capable browsers (IE 7 and above, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera)

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